Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sephora by OPI ~ Mermaid to Order

Taking a little break from the China Glaze postings. :) I decided out of the blue today to pain my nails a color I bought not too long ago that I really loved and actually bought on accident. What happened was I was checking out at sephora and I they had a clearance bin in front of the cash register there was this one color in it I loved. The problem was there was only a tester, I asked if they still had any regular bottles anywhere. The lady said she'd check and when she came back she came back with Mermaid to Order. She said they still had some and rang it in. Needless to say I trusted her too much and ended up getting the wrong polish. I never looked at the name of the polish I originally wanted. So I guess I won't know what it was until we come face to face again. I know that was a pretty dumb thing of me to do. However, at least the polish I managed to pick up was still a beautiful color! :)

                                                                        With Flash
Without Flash

Gosh I just can't get over how great of a color this is. It looks 100x better in person. Go out to your local sephora and buy it. I demand it. :)

Here's a pretty picture of a mermaid to end this post with :)

Adios! <3 :)

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