Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sallys and Life

Hey guys! I've been somewhat busy lately sorry for the lack of posts. :( Basically, I went to Sallys on Friday I believe and bought some stuffz. :D

The most important thing being.... NAIL WHEELS. :D I've literally spent a pretty decent amount of time working on them....  I'm not really great at them though, I'm sort of really bad with colors... I also bought a Manicure Saver, (i believe thats what its called). I have very mixed feelings about it. I'll have to do a review post soon for you all. I also bought some hair stuff, I haven't gotten the chance to use it though.

Anyways, another lovely thing happened to me today. I got home from a friends house to find my nail polish knocked down. (I blame the cats) Needless to say I picked them up thought nothing of it and then felt sticky liquid like substance on my fingers. I looked down and they were pink. Panicing I searched for the polishes that were "leaking". Needless to say I bought them, shattered. It was heart breaking. I had to clean all my polishes (my nail polishes were being separated in containers so that I could keep color groups together while doing my nail wheels) and the bins. I lost two pinks today, I morn my loss. :( To make matters worse It completely destroyed the nails I was going to take a picture of once I got home to upload. I'll have to redo them. :( Anyways! I'll do my best to post tomorrow or so.

I love you guys.
Talk to you later!

Adios! <3

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